Guided Mindful Fitness Walks throughout Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Guided Mindful Fitness Walks throughout Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Guided Mindful Fitness Walks throughout Prospect Park, Brooklyn


Park Walk Workout is a made-in-Brooklyn experience! Walk and move with others as you watch the seasons unfold in Prospect Park.

Park Walk Workout is a gentle-on-the-joints, whole-body approach to fitness. Our aim is to help you feel great in your body and sense your dynamic alignment while you grow in physical strength, coordination, flexibility & balance.

What to Expect

We walk using the Prospect Park’s natural surroundings as an outdoor gym. We travel 2.5 to 3 miles through different landscapes, climbing woodland stairs, observing the natural surroundings, water bodies and nature. Only stopping for yoga stretches and strength work using benches, bridges, grassy openings.

You will receive one-on-one attention to help you reach personal goals in a supportive small group setting.

What to Wear

Winter: breathable layers that allow you to move freely. Also gloves, hats, sunscreen.

Dress for the season. Always wear athletic shoes / sneakers and loose comfortable leg wear. Hats and sunscreen are highly recommended.


Class Fees

Single Class Card

Three Class Card
$50 (valid for 3 months)

Five Class Card
$80 (valid for 5 months)

IMPORTANT: Please click on the banner at the bottom of this page to fill out our waiver before your first class. 
Online pre-pay recommended – but not required.

– Class cards are valid for regularly scheduled classes only.  Workshops are not included.
– Workshops are priced per event. 
– No transfers, no refunds, no exceptions.

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Meet Kristi

Kristi Spessard

Kristi Spessard CMA
Park Walk Workout is created by Kristi Spessard CMA, who lives and walks daily in Brooklyn, NY. She is a personal trainer, professional dancer & Laban Certified Movement Analyst. She has a MFA in Dance, a BS in biology and has worked in native-plant horticulture. Spessard created Park Walk Workout as a way ot meet her own personal fitness needs and connect to nature. She has over 20 years of experience in helping others move with less pain, gain ease of movement and strength, and expand physical abilities through exercise, dance, yoga and walking.

Here is what people are saying about Park Walk Workout…

With Kristi’s direction and encouragement, I was able to focus and challenge myself in new ways. I was more mindful of my body from head to toe, which left me feeling refreshed and energized. It was simply the best way to start the day. -Nadia

This was no ordinary walk-Kristi helps you explore the park in a fresh new way and she taps into where your stress and tightness is. It was a great workout and a great de-stressor. -Barbara